Significance Of Challenge Coins

02 Dec

Challenge coins have not been used for a long time although some legends date them back when air combat was introduced during World War 1. But what are these challenge coins. Challenge coins are special made coins in which a name of an organization, event, mission or any other important insignia is inscribed in it. They are usually issued to individuals to honor their accomplishment and they are greatly treasured by the recipient. Those who are honored with the challenge coins serves as a symbol of solidarity and a reminder to other people of the individuals or institutions associated with them.

When soldiers return to their motherland from war, be it following the end of deployment or whether they were killed or injured, the most valuable possession that they value are the challenge coins, wedding rings and the dog tags. When a soldier is killed in a batter, it is the responsibility of his troop members to take them home and must do anything possible to make sure that soldier’s coin also make the trip home with them.  Be sure to read more here!

Apart from the military, government agencies such as the Defense ministry have their own challenge coins. Other government bodies also have their own coins which they award people who display acts of heroism and show certain dedications like the firefighters and the police. They are given to the first respondents to certain disasters. The government also issues the coins to troops returning home to their Congressional districts.

Custom challenge coins at have also been introduced in the business world. However, the circumstances that surround the receiving of the coins are different from that of the military situation. The coins are awarded to those who show outstanding dedication or a significant achievement. Due to the motivation that this trend is having to those awarded, service clubs and some organizations have adapted to this trend. They are also using them to hour those members who have made some achievements and those who have stood up the best among others.

The challenge coins acts as a point of pride to those who are presented with them. It has become a goodwill gesture all over the world to challenge someone with a coin. It creates a bond in comradeship with the winner being presented with the coin. In case of a challenge situation, the person bearing the most challenge coins will be given some special considerations like a free beer. Learn more about challenge coins at

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